Watch Mayer Hawthorne As He ‘Strings’ A Few Ladies Along

When you think of crooner Mayer Hawthorne, ladies' man is probably the furthest thought from your mind. However, in his music and videos, he's always portrayed himself as having a way with the fairer sex. His latest video, for album highlight "No Strings," continues this trend. In fact, it could easily be renamed "Mayer Hawthorne and the Women" as the bespectacled singer is featured women of all nationalities and persuasions. We find Mayer, in all his geek chic glory, wooing a bevy of beautiful women into his lair for a one night stand. And, unlike most current videos, he's kept it a pretty lo-fi affair. There are no elaborate set ups, fancy cars or bling-laced necks, just Mayer, his ladies and a few clever camera tricks. The ever-changing lineup of ladies fits the song perfectly, as it's all about the art of the casual affair ("No Strings" of course meaning "no strings attached"). Grab yourself a glass of wine and watch how effortlessly Mr. Hawthorne lays down his game below.



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