Avery Sunshine Shows Us That The ‘Lady’ Is ‘Outstanding’

Those of you who have been lucky enough to catch Avery Sunshine live, unlike myself who is failing at life by constantly missing her UK shows, know that the talented songstress has a knack for covering the songs of others, often tracks that are deemed "classic" or "untouchable." We already gave you a glimpse at her covering Luther, Aretha and MJ, all in the space of four and a half glorious minutes and now, after the bounce, you can hear her take on D'Angelo, Jill Scott and The Gap Band, as she tells the story of meeting her next "baby daddy" while walking through London. D'Angelo's "Lady," Jill's "He Loves Me" and The Gap Band's "Outstanding" are all safe in Avery's more than capable hands, and this just makes me want a sophomore project from her, like yesterday.

After the bounce

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