Benny Love Goes For ‘Jamaican Gold’

There's not much information to be found online about Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Benny Love at the moment, but I suspect that's about to change as more people discover the young talent and want to know about the woman behind the sweet voice. Miss Love came to my attention via KLSH, who is the producer best known for his work with Rochelle Jordan, so I was guaranteed to listen to Benny given that connection. I have to say that I'm digging her sound on the song "Jamaican Gold," produced by Tae Beast. In a short-but-sweet 2:23, Love sings about the crazy chemistry between her and the object of her infatuation and wanting to take it to the next level. The song ends just when it's getting good, which is unfortunate because I definitely wanted to hear more. But now that she's piqued my curiosity, hopefully Benny Love has more tasty ear treats on the way soon.


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