Claude Deuce Wants To ‘Make A Way’

Stellar Award-nominated gospel soul star Claude Deuce is back and blessing us
with something new. Following his 2009 debut album, Young Elder, and that undeniably flawless Wanna Be Winans tribute mixtape, he returns with his new project, entitled Pastors' Son, this October. As
expected, "Make A Way," Pastors' Son standout
and lead single, serves up a rich sound that transcends far beyond the
boundaries of the traditional gospel formula. With silky smooth vocals, at
times reminiscent of fellow sons of preacher men Dave Hollister and D'Angelo,
Claude sends up the funkiest fervent prayer we've ever heard. "So just speak to
my heart Lord, I'm listening," he soulfully pleas. Be on the lookout for Claude
Deuce's Pastors' Son, available digitally
on October 12th. 


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