DâM-FunK Doesn’t ‘Wanna Be A Star’

The summer season is almost officially over, ushering in that time when those of us in colder climates begin to do some serious soul searching. If the question posed isn't "Why did I bother moving to an area with such frigid conditions?" it's most likely, "Why haven't I bothered to relocate to a region where my eyelids are safe from frostbite?" So while I wrestle with that initial question and an uncomfortable existence quickly approaches, the new visual for DâM-FunK's "I Don't Wanna Be a Star" serves as a reminder of what I've come to expect from The City of Angels -- perfect weather. Of course this Eric Coleman-directed video focuses on far more than sunny skies and ideal weather conditions of Los Angeles as we are treated to pulsating bass groves alongside shots of the the Ambassador of Boogie Funk cruising through his city in an old school whip. DâM's forthcoming LP, Invite the Light, should be available early 2013, around the time when I'll be looking to escape the sleet and snow if only with the assistance of headphones, some modern funk and a strategically positioned space heater. For now, stream the video below before you check out the four-track EP, I Don't Wanna Be a Star, via Stones Throw Records.

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