Frank Ocean Reveals His ‘Pyramids’ Scene

After two months, a chart-topping album and performances at this year's VMAs and the season opener for venerable sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live, Frank Ocean has finally released the first video from Channel Orange. In the nearly eight-minute (and very NSFW) clip for "Pyramids," we see Frank in a strip club bustin' shots after taking a few shots of absinthe before we flash to him riding his motorcycle down a desert road and the song's second half kicks in -- the first half is hinted at but not played in full -- as Frank flashes back to his night at the club. The club that the song speaks of is a typical strip joint, filled with men old and young and plenty of nubile, pasty-clad women. But through Frank's absinthe-tinted view, something seems awry in this house of flesh. The women's faces distort under his gaze, sending him into giggle fits as he walks through the space. Then Frank's trip intensifies and he envisions a long-haired and scraggly John Mayer playing guitar in front of a neon pyramid. It all makes for a trippy feel, yet a very artistic and pretty good video. If you're planning to watch this one at work, make sure your boss isn't peeking over shoulder and press play.

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