Morning Soul: Too Much For One, But Not Enough For Two

  • Beyoncé appeared on Anderson Cooper and raved about diaper changing, singing lullabies and loving how at home she's "just Mommy" to daughter Blue Ivy. [PM]  
  • VH1 announced the 15th season of Behind The Music features Toni Braxton, Ne-Yo and updated episodes on T.I. and Pink. [VH1]
  • Pick a judge, any judge: Enrique Iglesias is mulling over an offer to join American Idol, as the reality show will reportedly expand to FOUR judges. [EW
  • Jay-Z disagreed with Russell Simmons and declined to fully support the Occupy Wall Street movement because of his bank account he didn't understand their message. [NYDN]
  • A Georgia judge fined rapper Gucci Mane $58,161.24 for shoving a woman who refused his sexual advances out of a moving Hummer. [TMZ]

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