The Floacist Won’t Sell Her ‘Soul’ For Anybody

Ever since the glow of Love Jones wore off, I realized how much of a fan I was NOT of spoken word. Despite a long-standing love of poetry, it's been no country for spoken word inside of my cold, dead heart. So needless to say that 10 years ago when Floetry first stormed the scene with their blend of soul and spoken word, I gravitated more towards the vocal abilities of Marsha Ambrosious than her floetic counterpart Natalie Stewart. All the same, I was still sad when the two former friends parted ways as they were a perfect compliment to each other, often blurring the lines between singing and speaking. The Floacist continues to blur those lines in her solo career, especially on her latest song, "Soul," takien from her upcoming sophomore solo project. Backed by a smooth, relaxing groove, her breathy delivery stops just short of singing, as she insists that her soul is not for sale and addresses the breakup of Floetry. Though light and airy on the surface, Natalie's lyrics scratch far below that surface, even drawing in a non-believer like me.

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