Say Hello To Muhsinah’s ‘Goodbye’

Muhsinah may currently be on tour providing backing vocals for The Weeknd, but that doesn't mean that she's left her own career behind. Quite the contrary, and to make sure that we have a little something something to dive into while her time is being occupied, she tides fans over with the track "Goodbye." Taken from her Dear _____ EP, "Goodbye" is more of the new wavy, synthy sound that we've come to expect from the singer/songwriter/musician with the ethereal voice. This is just one of five new tracks to be found on Dear _____ and she will give away the entire project for free as soon as she hits 8000 likes on Facebook. She's within reach, so do yourself and your fellow music lovers a favor and like her on FB to set that EP free. For now, she's letting everyone have "Goodbye" in exchange for a valid email address. Details on how to get this groovy goodness for free are on Muhsinah's website.


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