You’ll Want To Play Oddisee’s José James Remix ‘Over’ & Over

I was gonna chill with posting another José James item this week, but after listening to this song on repeat for the past hour or so, I felt compelled to share. If you recall, it was just a few days ago that James dropped a new EP, It's All Over Your Body, and I developed an immediate love jones for the title track. The DJ Spinna remix of it is cool, too, but the sensuality of the original is what drew me in and secured a place for it on my slow jam playlist. Little did I know that there was another remix of the track that is even more take-your-breath-away-and-your-clothes-off sexy. The good people over at BamaLoveSoul got their hands on "It's All Over Your Body (Oddisee Remix)," and it is simply exquisite. Oddisee put his foot in this production that utilizes a sample of Houston Person's "I No Get Eye for Back." It's as if these two songs were meant to go together, and they do oh so well.  


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