All Cows Eat Grass Are ‘Kool As Hail’

While being forced to take piano lessons as a youngin', I was given the mnemonic "all cars eat gas" as a tool to remember my bass clef spaces. Of course, I realized that cars didn't technically "eat" gas, they "drank" it, leading to the inadvertent swapping of Ds with Es and crushing my dreams of an education at Juilliard. Well Bounce-Worthy collective All Cows Eat Grass took their music lessons seriously, and it shows on their new EP, Kool as Hail. ACEG delivers their trademark brand of quirky electronic funk with cover-art to match. The bass-line displayed on the title track serves as further proof of bass clef prowess. But don't be mistaken on the EP title because we're not being instructed to be cool as hell, that's cool as "hail." If you're still pronouncing it wrong you've probably got a long way to go. I enjoyed the group's previous EP, Be Kool, more than its predecessor and that also seems to be the case with their latest effort. Stream the title track below before picking up your own copy. And don't forget, if you're teaching kids please be mindful of your instructions. Confused piano students become bitter soul music bloggers.


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