Bobby V. Won’t Be Rocking This ‘Body’ Anytime Soon

There are always those artists that start out with so much potential but never fully reach it. Bobby V. is one of those artists. When Mista first hit the scene back in 1996, he was the obviously better singer of the group with a voice that seemed more mature beyond his years. When he launched his solo career nearly 10 years later, I was looking forward to seeing how much he had grown as an artist. I mean, if he sounded like a grown man at the tender age of sixteen, then I could only imagine what he'd sound like then. Though his debut self-titled album lived up to the promise, most things that have come from him since have left me slightly underwhelmed. The lothario version of Bobby V. just always seems to come up short. So when his latest video, "Rock Body," landed in my inbox, the bar was already set pretty low. Even still, a small part of me held out hope that just maybe this would be the time he'd knock my socks off. As I look down at my feet, I'm sad to report that said socks are definitely still on. He treads the same old ground as he tries to convince a young lady of all the ways he could bring her joy. Though it's not absolutely horrible, it's still mildly disappointing that he seems stuck in this musical rut. If you've been a fan of his past work, you may actually like this. But for me, the video still left me wanting more.

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