Bonnie Banane Flexes Some ‘Muscles’

Pretty damn confused is what I was upon viewing Bonnie Banane's video for her song, "Muscles." After shaking off slight disappointment that it wasn't a cover of Madame Diana Ross the Boss' 1982 hit, I found myself completely sucked into this lo-fi affair and couldn't divert my eyes. On first look it gave me haunting middle school flashbacks of the news broadcasts that the AV Club put on -- complete with all the squiggly VHS lines and green screen backdrops. In addition, there are a few snatches from MTV's The Grind in the background as Banane and producer Walter Mecca strike some '90's-esque poses and get their act-a-fool on. The quandary isn't in the song, as it is killer and featured on Banane's boldly-titled EP, Greatest Hits. You could pretty much slice a knife through "Muscles" groove as it's that rich and divine. Sure the line: "I get pregnant when I see you" made me snort Arizona Mucho Mango out my nose (and that burned), but crafty chortle-worthy lines like that proves that with Banane it's never a dull moment. I don't know a fig about Bonnie Banane, but consider her on my to-watch list thanks to her kooky visual and the stellar slice that is "Muscles." [H/T: OKP]

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