Diggs Duke’s ‘Exodus’ Continues With ‘Volume 2’

That Diggs Duke is one prolific brother. Since we deemed him Bounce-Worthy at the top of the year, he's released EP after EP of solid material at a pace that should make most of his peers question what they're doing with their lives. Adding to that list is his latest, Mass Exodus: Volume 2. Continuing on the themes present in the first volume, he further explores his jazz fusion roots. This time around, however, he's turned the R&B up a few notches, resulting in a variation in theme and tone. This is best reflected on "Well Repel," where Diggs waxes on about the world's ills over a melodic, piano-driven groove that gradually adds in jazzy horn flourishes and fuzzy guitar. Elsewhere, he enlists the help of violinist Vaughan Octavia and vocalist B.jamelle to bring "Duty of Grace" to jazzy, ethereal life, gets a bit playful with piano on "Cotton Candy" and gets reflective on the beautiful "Like I Won't Grow Old." If you've been paying any attention to anything we've been saying about our man Diggs, then you know that Mass Exodus: Volume 2 is a journey you'll definitely want to take. Take a listen to the EP in full below and then head to Diggs' Bandcamp page to buy the set. Oh, and if you happen to be a Bouncer in Amsterdam (you lucky so-and-sos), Diggs will be performing at the MC Theater on November 9th, so be sure to get your tickets now.


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