Dre Kay Has The Cure For ‘Common’ R&B

If you haven't noticed (or have just plain old tuned out), mainstream R&B just ain't what it used to be. Even advancements like the genre getting its (long-deserved) very own Billboard chart come with caveats. Just take a look at what exactly is topping the chart if you don't believe me. Luckily we have artists like Dre Kay bringing up the underground. The producer/singer duo, consisting of Dre King and Kenny Allen (or K'Alyn), already tempted us this summer with their FromTheVault EP and then further whet our appetites with the video for single "Longing for Tomorrow." Now they've finally released their full-length debut, Common Thread. Put quite simply, this joint goes. Fusing influences ranging from different cultures to different musical eras, the twosome has crafted a sound that takes you back to R&B's glory days yet still feels fresh. From Wonder-esque opening track "Inner Peace" to the easy going "Lazy Sunday" and "Feel Good Thang" to the head-nodding "Selam Selam" and the international flair of the title track, there's a little something for every type of R&B lover here. Couple that with a short yet quality guest feature list -- W. Ellington Felton, Seleshi Demessie and The Common Thread Band are the only artists namechecked -- and you've got a joint that runs circles around most things hitting the charts these days. Common Thread is available now via the Dre Kay's Bandcamp page for no more than a 10-spot. So, as I always encourage, support good music and get your copy after taking a listen below.


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