Get Inside State Of Zoe’s ‘Mind’

It's always interesting to see how and where the seeds of jazz and soul flourish. There have been countless instances all over the globe. Well, we can add Estonia to the list of countries to visit. That's where quartet State of Zoe hail from and their sound is definitely worth the audio trip. The group, consisting of singer Anneliis Kits, synth players Sander Mölder and Talis Paide and drummer Borka, fuse jazz, soul, pop and electronic music to produce a unique sound. In April of this year they released their first digital EP, Mind (Part I), a four-track journey into their sound. On it, they explore different musical textures. There's the simple, daydream air of "Can't Reach You," where Anneliis delivers a beautifully sentimental vocal. Then there's more kinetic groove of "My Fortress," which utilizes strings and synths to create an interesting bed of sound. "Manic" gets a bit more experimental, with sounds colliding and an urgent, rocker-esque vocal from Anneliis. The last track, "Two Ways We Fall," is closer to straightforward jazz than anything else here. The song consists of one repeated lyric, allowing the melodies and groove to take center stage. Mind (Part I) is available now via the group's BandCamp page. Take a listen below and check out a video of group performing "Can't Reach You" after the bounce.

After the bounce

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