I, Ced’s Latest Mix Has More Than Enough ‘Soul’

When I was a kid, every Saturday was spent with my mom, cleaning the house while listening to some good ol' classic soul. It was my favorite bonding time of all, just the two of us, cleaning and singing at the top of our lungs. Although I'm (considerably) older now and no longer live at home with mom, it's a tradition that's stuck with me. Most Saturday afternoons will find me at home, cleaning and singing along to whatever old school mixes I can find. Thanks to I, Ced and his latest mix, I already know what this weekend's soundtrack will be. From the moment I pressed play on The Soul Mansion Mix: Part One, I was instantly transported to those afternoons spent using the handle of my broom more as a micstand than what it actually was supposed to be used for. A mix of new and old, Soul Mansion provides the perfect meeting place for classic artists like Gladys and the Pips to mingle with the likes of contemporaries such as Blu and Jimetta Rose. Throw in a couple of I, Ced remixes; some Coultrain, Thundercat, Karriem Riggins and some original classics that should sound familiar to fans of Amy Winehouse and Mariah Carey, and you have the makings of a soulful 40-minute party. Sadly, you can't take it with you, as the mix is only available on I, Ced's Mixcloud page or you can listen after the bounce. But with a good set of speakers, there's nothing stopping the fun to be had with this one. [Update: Ceddy Ced sent us a download link for this mix so now everyone can grab it and get their groove on for free.99!]

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