‘Saturday Night Live’ Lets Bruno Mars Wild ‘Out’

I could have kicked my own behind when I left the house Saturday night and forgot to set my DVR to record Saturday Night Live. But thanks to the internet I haven't missed out on anything and will have to be satisfied with seeing how Bruno Mars did as this weekend's host and musical guest on the computer screen instead of the widescreen. I'll live, especially after getting my life while watching Bruno's two musical performances that he clocked in. Both performances were off the hook for two totally different reasons, but one thing was consistent across the board: He sounded phenomenal.

First up was a spirited rendition of the first single from Unorthodox Jukebox, "Locked Out Of Heaven." Bruno sang his face off as per usual, but it was his band who kicked this up a few notches with their ants-in-their-pants jumping and jiving. Although all of the action on stage kinda took the focus off of Bruno, the band's in unison antics totally made this performance for me.

Bruno's second song of the evening was the next single, "Young Girls," and despite the Girls Gone Wild images that the song title may immediately conjure up, this wound up being a ballad. This performance was the opposite of the first, slowing everything down, bathing the stage in darker, more striking lighting and adding a string section. Mars sang about all the pretty young thangs who might lead to his undoing with an incredible vocal.

I wasn't exactly checking for it before, but watching how Bruno got down on SNL has me looking forward to Unorthodox Jukebox's December 11th release and making plans to see him in concert.

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