Skye Is ‘Back’ With ‘Featherlight’

Sometimes life just leads you places. There I was revisiting Skye, the soulful lead vocalist for trip hop group Morcheeba, and her hypnotic song "What's Wrong With Me," when news of her solo return, Back to Now, popped up in my inbox. Coincidence? Kismet? Fate? Perhaps. Honestly, when good music is involved, I don't care how it comes to me. Back to Now, which will be Skye's third solo effort, finds her teaming up with producer Fitzmaurice to create a sound that diverges slightly from her previous efforts. The twosome stripped down songs that Skye had crafted with her husband Steve Gordon, breathing new life into them with expert production and propelling synths that help Skye's vocals soar. Lead single and video "Featherlight" exemplifies the fruits of their collaboration. It's synth pop done right, with a driving grove and synth flourishes that fit Skye's feathery voice like a glitter-covered glove. If you, like me, were awaiting new material from sky, then mark your calendars for October 30th, as that's when Back to Now will be in stores. Until then, catch the trippy, glittery clip for "Featherlight" just after the bounce.

After the bounce

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