‘Y’all Feel That’ Returns With More Erykah Badu Remixes & Rarities

Our soul blogging brethren over at BamaLoveSoul consistently have their finger on the pulse of what's hot, new and now, but it's when they dig in the crates that they really happen upon some groovy gems. One such digging expedition led BLS' DJ Rahdu to compile a collection of Erykah Badu remixes, flips and covers for Y'all Feel That, which dropped in May. Due to the overwhelming response, Rahdu had no choice but to compile another set of Badu bangers that have been retouched by the likes of Salah Ananse, Opolopo, Boddhi Satva, 9th Wonder and many more lesser known DJs and producers on Y'all Feel That Pt. 2. The hour-long mix traverses through a variety of tempos and for the most part all of the tracks included here are tight. Many of these remixes were fresh to my ears, so it was nice to hear some "new" old Badu. And who knows, maybe this isn't the end of the Y'all Feel That story. I wouldn't be surprised -- or mad -- if a third volume came to be at some point in the future. But whether or not that happens, I'm gonna get my fill of Y'all Feel That Pt. 2.  


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