Ywada ‘Thought’ She ‘Was Loved’

Still heartbroken, Ywada (remember, it's pronounced "Yada") is pushing her second release with a new video for "Thought I Was Loved." You remember her, don't you? We introduced you to the Floridian back in July with "Count Me Out." While the song was cool, but familiar, we noted that she'd need to find the right material to showcase that voice of hers if she wanted to realize her wildest dreams of becoming a break out R&B star with longevity to spare. As with the first song, there's nothing technically wrong with "I Thought I Was Loved," but it's, well, kind of boring and the video doesn't save it. Outfitted in a number of ensembles topped with blonde tresses, Ywada is shown in various parts of a beautiful, lushly landscaped home as she endures the first painful, lonely days of a break up. If that doesn't excite you, maybe her work with the Women's Breast Health Initiative will. As a charity artist, she released the single "Pink and White," which can be downloaded from her website. If you're feeling this new artist, you should be able to pick up her debut album, Me Against Love, sometime in the spring.



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