Betray Keyshia Cole? ‘Trust And Believe’ You’ll Get What’s Coming To You

What a tangled web we have here in the music video for Keyshia Cole's current single, "Trust and Believe." Following the path laid by the lyrics of the song, these visuals actually have characters and a story line with a twist -- albeit one that Stevie Wonder could see coming. What's done in the dark comes to light when Keyshia not only gets confirmation that her man of many years is stepping out on her but when she finds out exactly who he's been tapping on the low. And what happens then is not a pretty sight. Directed by Benny Boom and featuring acting performances by Tae Heckard as her bestie without her best interests at heart and Rotimi as her scallywag of a man, this video is an action-filled soap opera packed into a little under five-minute package.

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