Bounce-Worthy: Miss Murphy

As an official, above board and certified music lover, I find great joy in spreading the word on quality soul music. My inner music geek jumps for joy every single time I put the word out about a new artist or when new music comes out from any of my favorite artists. Try as I might to repress that inner geek, when I come across a new artist she just won't quit jumping around like a little kid who's just heard the ice cream truck's melodic siren on a hot summer's day. I was once again reminded of how futile my mission to calm down my inner music geek was when the music of Miss Murphy came my way. Hailing from my hometown of Sydney, Australia, Miss Murphy is one of those artists who has stayed relatively under the radar, which I find both confusing and exciting.
After the bounce

Developing her vocal chops in church, and going on to polish her skills in the cover band Miss Murphy & the Bombers, Miss Murphy's voice is mature, rich and raspy in tone and she has an understated quality to her vocal styling. There's nothing overdone here; it's all about adding the vocal flourishes in the right parts and complimenting the music to translate the meaning behind the song.

While there is not much out there just yet in the form of Miss Murphy's original work, her covers are nothing short of stellar, but, with a new EP on its way, this is one singer you should definitely be keeping your eyes and ears honed in on. The EP is said to be sample heavy and while Miss Murphy's voice certainly lends itself to the hip-hop/soul sound found on the first single from the EP Everything, I'm hoping to see her do her thing on some meatier blues/soul style tracks. Her short but sultry cover of the Isley Brothers baby-making track "Between The Sheets," which will feature on the EP as an interlude, is nothing short of perfection and merely hints at what Miss Murphy is capable of. In the acoustic track she manages to sound sexy, strong and seductive while still exuding a vulnerability that takes the song out of raunchy bedroom territory into an honest statement on the beauty of intimacy when you're in love.
While there's no exact date on the EP release, you can get yourself familiar with Miss Murphy by checking out her rendition of "Between The Sheets" and "Everything" right now.

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