‘Fall’ In Love With Rhye’s ‘Live’ Performance

One of our favorite musical discoveries of 2012 has undoubtedly been the synth-pop/R&B duo who go by the name Rhye. When they first surfaced in February there was an air of mystery surrounding exactly who Rhye were, but D-Money was, well, on the money when he pegged producer/instrumentalist Robin Hannibal as being involved. Since then the vocalist has been confirmed as Canadian singer Milosh, and the duo have gone on to release the track "The Fall" in addition to the three-track Open EP. To tide us over until their 2013 album, also entitled The Fall, is released the duo have released two music videos for the song "Open" (one for a live version of the track) and they have just released a second video for "The Fall" (the first can be seen here). Similar to what they did with "Open," this second clip accompanies a live version of "The Fall," with much of the production stripped back allowing Milosh's glorious vocals to glide over the simple piano and string arrangement. The visuals themselves are in perfect keeping with the song, giving a wistful, nostalgic look back at a couple's precious moments together. You can bag yourself a free download of the live version of "The Fall" in exchange for an email address over at their official website.

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