Get Caught Up In Karriem Riggins’ ‘Summer Madness’

If you haven't copped Karriem Riggins' sublime Alone Together, then trust me, you're doing yourself a grave injustice. The Detroit-based drummer/producer has put together what is easily a top contender for 2012's album of the year in my book. If you need further convincing, then just see the album's first video as Exhibit A of why you need to stop doing what you're doing and add this album to your arsenal. "Summer Madness" serves as a great intro to the sample-heavy, jazz and hip hop-infused offering. In the clip, we're taken through frenzied preparation for a night out that so many of us ladies are all too familiar with. After a quick glass of wine with her girl, we finally get to see where she was rushing off to -- a live performance of Riggins and his band. It's only once they arrive that we see her face and judging by the look of contentment that spreads across her face at the end, the show was definitely worth the rush. I'd be hustling too if he had a show in my neck of the woods. And with a taste of another album fave, "Matador," incorporated into the end, the video serves as a great appetizer to the main course.