Have An ‘Affair’ With Prince

Sometimes it's hard being a Prince fan. He is very protective of his music and image, almost to a fault, and will have his people send a cease and desist letter or shut something down that he doesn't benefit from with the quickness. But just when you think you've had enough of his purple shenanigans, he turns around and gives his loyal subjects something new to keep us hooked on his drug. Take for instance his current single "Rock n Roll Love Affair," which has a music video for us to now feast our eyes on. Prince has gone natural and rocks a teeny weeny afro while rocking out in this clip with his band of beauties and a few brothas on brass accompanying him. Featured prominently is Andy Allo, who's enjoying her own time in the sun with the recent release of her sophomore set Superconductor, who here supports his royal purpleness on guitar and seductive whispers. Andy does her thing, but you'll need more than a pretty face and bigger hair to take the focus off of Prince who must wake up every morning and drink a fountain of youth smoothie for breakfast. He looks amazing, with skin so supple and nary a wrinkle in sight -- even in HD. This isn't a groundbreaking or particularly memorable video considering P's past output, but considering how few and far between any new visuals are from him, we'll gladly take what we can get.

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