In A Broken Relationship? Melanie Fiona Says It’s Time To ‘Change The Record’

C'mon, you can tell me. Why didn't you buy Melanie Fiona's The MF Life? Okay, maybe you did, but I'm sure you know someone who didn't. Help me understand. Is she not controversial enough? Too boring? I know it's not due to a lack of talent because that album proved to me she has oodles of it. But, as we know, having actual talent isn't enough to make it these days. I wish I knew what it took because I'd send it to her myself by the truckload. In an effort to hopefully generate a little more interest in her now seven-month-old sophomore album, Ms. Fiona has released a playful new video for "Change the Record" featuring B.o.B. Although the song is about letting go of a man who just can't seem to do right, the visual doesn't focus on just one love interest. Instead, a few scrubs show their faces in between scenes of a flirty (and slightly crazed) retro-styled Fiona tossing albums around a tangerine, record-lined room. She also splits her on-screen time between a club scene and scenes with B.o.B. The presence of a wall of speakers suggests that when you hear this song, you'll have to experience it at full blast. Once you do, you definitely won't want to "Change the Record."

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