‘Love’ Is ‘All’ Charlie Wilson Has To Give

I love that Charlie Wilson knows his lane and stays firmly in it. Why mess up a good thing when your formula already works? Uncle Charlie recently released "My Love Is All I Have," and it has the same tried-and-true flavor of his other hits. As much as he'd love to give his woman the material things in life, he doesn't have means. But, for what he lacks in tangible riches, he wants to provide in the intangible through his love because it's all he has to give. Dare I say the song is missing a bit of the spark of say, "You Are" and the groovability of "Can't Live Without You?" Regardless, whether I'm listening to his old work as lead singer of the great funk band, The Gap Band, or something new, I don't think there'll come a day soon when I tire of hearing this comeback King's voice. Listen to Uncle Charlie's latest after the bounce and get ready for his next album, Love, Charlie, which will be out February 2013.

After the bounce

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