Morning Soul: Parlayin’ At The Hottest Spot

  • Jordin Sparks continues to be inspired by Whitney Houston in the studio and in the Billboard charts, recording the holiday classic "Do You Hear What I Hear." [HR]
  • Don't Barbies have watches?: Police denied Nicki Minaj entry to her own album release party when she arrived late. [DM]
  • Alicia Keys announced plans to begin a new tour in March with singer-songwriter Miguel slated to join her. [BB]
  • An outcry from women's rights groups in Guyana has led Chris Brown to cancel his Boxing Day concert there. [EXMNR]
  • After suffering two seizure-like episodes in the air last month, docs have prescribed seizure meds for Lil Wayne and suggested that he not fly for a while. [TMZ]

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