Solange Pens One For The ‘Lovers’

As I wake out of a Turkey Day coma (which feels equivalent to stirring out of Oz's Poppy Patch), I stretch and get the kinks out by flexing into Solange's fresh slice from her upcoming True EP. Though set for release tomorrow, Solange wasted no time over the food-gorging holiday to give a little taste-test in the flavor of "Lovers In The Parking Lot." A dreamsicle sticky sweet track it is, but with a bittersweet message as Solange recounts her regret of being foolish with a lover -- a regret that has her vying for a reconciliation. Dev Hynes is all over this production (as he is for the whole seven-track EP) and he keeps things just as layered and interesting but with a peppier soul-pop sound akin to her Sol-Angel days. It even latches onto some throwback vocal techniques that can be best described as '90's girl group harmonizing this side of En Vogue or Jade. The younger Knowles just continues to bring that heat, and it'll continue to sear once the True EP drops tomorrow and receives multiple plays by yours truly.


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