This Catching Flies’ Jill Scott Remix Is ‘Golden’

What else is there to say about the wonderful Jill Scott that hasn't been said already, especially here at SBHQ? And given her mass appeal, a fair share of DJs and producers have chosen to remix many of her classics over the years. Well London-based producer Catching Flies has taken an interesting stab at remixing "Golden" from Ms. Scott's sophomore LP, Beautifully Human: Words & Sounds Vol. 2. The 21-year-old newcomer manages to flip Jilly from Philly's incredibly uplifting vocal into a dark and moody number that borders on creepy at times. There is a strong chance that you won't enjoy this rework as much as the original, but this version is definitely worth a listen if only for a glimpse at this young man's unique interpretation. And lets be honest, even though we're all trying to live out the lyrics of this classic, sometimes life simply feels like that shadowy storm cloud cast by Catching Flies' arrangement.


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