We’re ‘Hoping Out Loud’ There’s More To Come From AAries

There's always a group or artist that has everything in place that should make them a superstar (i.e. talent, looks, etc.), but for whatever reason, success is always just out of reach for them. Twin sister duo AAries definitely falls into that select group. Seriously, there's no logical reason that these two aren't resting comfortably atop the charts or jetsetting around the world. We've known forever that they already have the vocal chops to shut down many of their less talented peers. And a quick glance proves that they're drop dead gorgeous. Yet and still, we're left to wonder what gives with their lack of a label to call their home and sporadic, albeit awesome, releases. Whatever the case may be, it's left us at the SBHQ collectively scratching our heads over the fact that Ayana and Ayinké Hipps are still waiting in the wings for their big break. In the meantime, while we trying to figure that mystery out, the girls are blessing us with a new track, "Hoping Out Loud." Though there's still no word on when to expect another full project from them, the song goes a long way in satiating our thirst for more AAries. The song, full of the tight harmonies that made us fans in the first place, finds the ladies pouring out their true feelings for the object of their desire. The accompanying clip features the iconic Soul Train line, proving that whatever the melody is, dancing and grooving is timeless. While we're always happy for new music from these ladies, we're also "hoping out loud" that this means AAries can finally get their just due.

After the bounce

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