‘Ya Girl’ Lucille Ghatti Has Something For ‘You Boi’

Lucille Ghatti knows the way to and all about my heart. Her latest single, "Ya Girl Lurks (Luv You Boi)," which is available for free download, blends together a few of my favorite things: R&B, soul and that ever elusive, often (in my case) unrequited love. Now my description doesn't sound like anything new, right? But this track is much more than your run of the mill R&B love story. The track sees Ghatti put her case forward to her would-be love, asking him to wake up and see what's in front of his eyes and not to get stuck in complacency by settling for what he has, when she could give him so much more. As the track winds its way into your head you will find it will make itself comfortable there and stay on repeat, with Ghatti's coolly endearing plea to her love flowing with ease over the beat laid by DJ Wes and conveying a modern day Aaliyah feeling.

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