Can How To Dress Well Get ‘U’ In The Spirit?

How To Dress Well's "& It Was U" has been a featured staple on my playlist since I heard it a couple months ago. However, when my SB colleague Soul UK introduced me to this track in October, I can't say that this is the visual that I was expecting. Eschewing the cliché boy meets girl love story treatment that one would expect for the song, the sartorially-named singer-producer teamed with hipster's best friend Urban Outfitters for this "inspired" clip, which depicts a group of worshipers congregating in the back of a Chinese restaurant. If that doesn't sound bizarre enough, during the course of the video their gold-draped albino messiah comes rolling in on a gold-plated Segway and then they all levitate. What exactly is the message here? Is it indicting or celebrating religion? What does the gold signify? What the hell did I just watch? No seriously, I'm asking because I have no idea. While I continue scratching my head, take a gander at the perplexing clip.