Let Kwabs Take You On A ‘Getaway’

While it's quite unfair that we have no choice but to watch videos to be able to experience the exquisite voice of Kwabs, beggars can't be choosers, and until we get some music released from this talented man, I'll gladly make YouTube my BFF in order to get a hit of that thick, warm, rich tone of his. Now Kwabs has given us an early Christmas present, and while it may not be a release, it is a video of a live performance of an original track recorded earlier in the year. Accompanied simply by keys and allowing his flawless and emotive voice to tell the story of a mother and son, "Getaway" reminds us yet again why we need an artist of the caliber of Kwabs out there in a world overflowing with manufactured pop puppets and music that celebrates mediocrity.

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