Nina Vidal Struggles To Find That ‘Silver Lining’

My anticipation for Nina Vidal's fourth album has been steadily building since I learned that it was scheduled for an early 2013 release. The first single, "Paint The Sky," was a great warm up, but the second single, "Silver Lining," has definitely sealed the deal. Whereas "Paint The Sky" was a shimmering mid-tempo number, "Silver Lining" takes things down a notch as Nina delivers a heartfelt ballad that anyone who has tried, and failed, to "look on the brightside" of an ill-fated romance will relate to. Nina's voice is one of the most soothing to have ever caressed my ears, and the simple piano backing lets it wash over you unencumbered. The song's video accompaniment is a simple affair as Nina has chosen -- like many artists recently -- to rely on well-shot in-studio footage, rather than a story led video, which suits the melancholy nature of the track perfectly. The single is available now from CD Baby.