‘Slow Down’ & Check Out Austin Brown

If you're getting tired of us here at SBHQ singing the praises of Austin Brown, well, tough. As long as Mr. Brown keeps delivering quality R&B, we're going to keep talking about him. Case in point, Austin recently stopped by the Pandora offices to play for their "Whiteboard Sessions" acoustic series. While there, he decided to introduce a new track, "Slow Down," which is expected to appear on his upcoming mixtape, Highway 85. The song, a beautifully melodic piece in its acoustic form, is yet another opportunity for Austin to show off his falsetto and flex his songwriting skills. As well, in the clip we learn about some of his many influences (which range from Frank Sinatra to Miles Davis and a few more in between) and the Pandora stations that he finds most interesting (J Dilla's is one that he brings up). Austin is planning to stuff your stockings with Highway 85 on December 24th (a.k.a. Christmas Eve). Until then, peep his performance.

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