Solange Wins Over ‘Late Night’ With ‘Losing You’

It feels like we need to reserve a category on SoulBounce solely for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon videos. If The Roots aren't performing a creative rendition of a classic, then the episode's musical guest is a great artist that falls right in line with the who's who of SB faves. Well last night we received another treat courtesy of Jimmy Fallon and friends when Solange hit the Late Night stage for a performance of "Losing You." The sexy songstress swayed her way through the opening track from her newly released EP, True, with enough ease and confidence to convince even the most devout Beyoncé stans that she is in fact more than just B's younger sister. Stream the video for Solange's latest addition to Video Soulbounce while we attempt to coin a new category for Jimmy's seemingly endless offering of videos.

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