Take A Look In Jhené Aiko’s ‘Mirrors’

Anybody that's ever done a bit of self-reflection knows that there's always a chance you may not like who you see looking back at you. Jhené Aiko tackles her own inner demons in the hauntingly beautiful video for "Mirrors." Jhené alternates between her doe-eyed innocent self and her darker, more sinister side. Perfectly capturing the conflicting images that introspection can sometimes bring forth, the video jumps between shots, showing Jhené's ballerina silhouette in one, then showing her splashed with blood in the next. Even with the shocking sight of the splatter, Jhené and director Topshelf Junior do a good job of keeping the imagery on the right side of tasteful. Produced by Key Wane, Jhené's delicate voice belies the inner struggle that she is enduring. Simple, yet moving, "Mirrors" is easily one of my faves to come from this talented young lady. All in all, it's a stark reminder that at some point, we all have to face what's inside of us.

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