Talib Kweli & Ryan Leslie Keep It ‘Outstanding’

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Talib Kweli stays on his grind. Not in the mixtape-every-week grind that some of his peers engage in, but in the steady stream of tours, promo and releases in between albums sort of way. Well sticking to the script by filling the void between now and the release of his forthcoming album Prisoner of Conscious, Kweli releases a video for "Outstanding" from his Attack the Block mixtape. With Ryan Leslie kicking a verse and handling the hook plus Boi 1nda on the boards, this cut seems to be the most radio-friendly offering from Kweli since he and Bilal had us "Waiting for the DJ" 10 years ago. The RLes-directed visual mirrors the mainstream appeal of the audio with its mansions, champagne and Lamborghini shots that have been ever so common in the videos of the last 20 years. That said, I'm certain that some of you true school purists may be stepping away from your computers and onto your soapboxes to throw a fit about this all, but quit your griping. The BK emcee can rap about the good life better than most and he's dropped some solid material over the course of his career so let him make some of that radio money to put his kids through college. Take a look at the video and watch for the February 2013 release of Prisoner of Conscious.

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