Toro y Moi Encourages You To Look At The ‘Details’

After hearing the slightly funky, chilled out groove of Toro y Moi's "So Many Details," I've been hotly anticipating his upcoming album Anything in Return. I might still have a little bit more than a month until the set's January 22nd release date, but luckily The Artist Also Known As Chazwick Bundick dropped the visuals for "So Many Details" this week. Playing off of the song's chilled feel and Toro's aloof vocal, the clip is all about him and his female co-star cruising the countryside and living pretty lavish while looking damn fly doing it. Rocking looks that seem inspired by a J. Crew catalog (but, judging by the clips other trappings, are probably found at Neiman Marcus), he doesn't seem too thoroughly impressed while living in the lap of luxury. Instead, he gives a distant performance full of blank facial expressions and empty stares as the female star dances and pouts seductively while giving good face. It's definitely an interesting sight to see. Speaking of seeing, if the video reaches the 250,000 view mark -- it's just above 46,000 as I write this post -- then Mr. Bundick will release another video featuring a new song from Anything in Return. What are you waiting for? Get to watching below.

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