Arima Ederra Brings Us Back Down To ‘Earth’

Digging back into the backlog of sounds that got caught up in the swirl of holiday tinsel and champagne, unwrapping Las Vegas newcomer Arima Ederra's debut EP, Earth To Arima, has been like Christmas morning all over again. Ederra you might remember put a smattering spin on Andre 3000's "Prototype" as her first introduction, but here she lounges out in a dreamy soulful setting that she has designed all her own with a little production help from variant producers such as Bhonstro, Dead702, Al B Smoov and Nabeyin. Bringing to mind as vocalizing and stylized kinfolk to Amel Larrieux and Aaliyah, Ms. Ederra floats from track to track, giving off various pensive moods and seductive vibes with lots of atmospheric R&B zeal. Some of the best numbers are the more insulated ones like "Flow Chart" and "Characteristics of an Aquarian." Yet, even when LA emcees like Blu and Sham crush through the motif on the tracks "Questions" and my favorite "Natures Commodity," respectively, they don't ice out the warmth and romanticism she oozes. The experience of Earth To Arima can be enjoyed on a free download via Bandcamp, and like I, you'll be caught up in the rapturous effects she splays out on it, hankering for more. Take a soothing aural trip right here.

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