Avant Wants More From His ‘Best Friend’

I think there are two types of male R&B singers from a man's point of view: singers that work with you and singers that work against you. I always felt that singers like Luther Vandross, Maxwell and R. Kelly were trying to facilitate opportunities to, let's say, fall in love or lust, whereas I have to compete with "never have a shirt on" Tank or Ginuwine and his gyrating. Thankfully Avant always fell into the former category. His music is continuously genuine, mature and layered with artistry. The past few months have already been great for his fans with his reunion with KeKe Wyatt on "You & I" and should only get better with the release of his new album Face To Face on February 5th. His new single "Best Friend" is a familiar sound with a pulsating track that speaks to what happens when a person starts to catch feelings for their best friend. Many of us have had experiences when after years of being friends with someone somehow a new sense of attraction arises. He details not only the doubts and reservations a person may have, but also the sweetness of temptation that lures you further into the tangled web. Be warned: this highly sensual song may cause you think about your best friend in a different manner and wonder "what if?"


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