Dashius Clay Relights Lion Babe’s ‘Fire’

When I first heard Lion Babe's "Treat Me Like Fire," I wasn't exactly wowed, but the hypnotic groove has managed to grow on me in the time since. Still, I felt that the song needed something to jazz it up just a bit. Enter red-bearded rapper Dashius Clay and his remix of the duo's track. While not changing up the groove any, Dashius laces the track with two sexually charged raps that accomplish two things: 1) breaking up the over repetition of the song's chorus and 2) adding to the song's overall sex appeal. It also helps that Dashius' flows are creative and clever without straying to far from the song's overall theme, something that most modern day rappers just don't seem to get (I'm looking at you Jay-Z). I don't know what else will be coming from Lion Babe's Jillian Hervey and Astro Raw, but I definitely recommend that, whatever it is, they consider officially enlisting the services of Mr. Clay for the next go 'round. If you feel like playing with "Fire" twice, you can listen to the remix below and download the track here.

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