Dawn Richard’s ”86′ Takes Us On An Interesting Journey

Dawn Richard, former member of Danity Kane and Diddy - Dirty Money, is celebrating last week's release of her long-anticipated album, Goldenheart, with a video for the previously reviewed single "'86." While her Brandy-esque vocals are appealing, the video serves as a distraction from whatever message she is trying to convey. I felt lost in the middle of a Mortal Kombat film directed by Quentin Tarantino. The video starts off with Dawn being attacked and left for dead by thugs in chainmail and spiked masks. She awakes in a place where leaves fall upwards and is guided by a gathering of sirens to a mechanical heart and a happy family interacting with their daughter. After encountering this family, the thugs return for a final fight that includes Dawn's own finishing moves. My first thought when starting this video was that it would have been something in the same vein as OutKast's "Prototype," a video that not only enhances the song but displays the artist's creative vision. However, that's not what Dawn Richard achieved here. I am looking forward to taking in more of Goldenheart, but when I get to "'86" I will definitely have to forget about the video.

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