Get ‘Naked’ With Jamie Lidell

Well it looks like Jamie Lidell and his label Warp are leaving nothing to chance with the release of his self-titled fourth studio album. Scheduled for release next month, it's all aboard the promo train, with the release of three songs thus far from the project, and videos to accompany two of them. Impressive for a man that usually keeps things pretty down key. "What A Shame" and "why_ya_why" were both fine examples of Mr. Lidell's almost schizophrenic genre-bending, but the latest track to drop, "You Naked," surpasses both and has me prematurely predicting that Jamie Lidell will be an early highlight of 2013. Channelling his inner Prince (as he so often does), the track is a straight up funk affair that, for once, lets his vocals take center stage amongst the pulsing synths and electro-flourishes. The video for the track, directed by London-based studio Flat-e, is visually arresting, featuring Lidell encompassed by a variety of lights and lazers that follow his and the song's movements to beautiful effect. These same visuals will accompany Jamie's live shows when he kicks off his world tour in March.

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