Morning Soul: Some Things In Life Are Meant To Be

  • Crazy is as crazy does: Nicki Minaj claimed her ongoing feud with Mariah Carey was self-defense, saying she "just kind of over compensated by being crazier." [NYDN
  • Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew lashed out at Spike Lee for his comments about the controversial film, Django Unchained, calling the director "a conniving and scheming Uncle Tom." [MNT
  • Justin Timberlake's new album was last week's big announcement. But is it good news? [HP] 
  • Chicago rapper Chief Keef found himself back in jail after violating his parole. [HR
  • 90s rappers Kris Kross announced they have reunited and will perform at the concert honoring the 20th anniversary of So So Def Recordings. [TMZ

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