Vanessa Elisha Introduces Herself With A ‘Blur’

Citing herself as more of a girl-next-door than a Hollywood socialite, newcomer Vanessa Elisha isn't far off that mark, as she does play sweet. Yet from the first listen of her debut single, "Blur," you catch the underlying feel that this Australian lass doesn't always play prissy as she seductively coos along on this joint. Of course, within a few bars of this dreamy little R&B corker, she evokes the homegirl-down-the-block steeze that JoJo seamlessly coasts on, making this a song that is totally up my alley. As R&B music strives to pick up the pieces and revive itself into the new year, adding Vanessa Elisha to the roster of R&B Avengers is a welcomed one. Elisha's debut EP won't be due till February of this year, but for a quick little appetizer to nosh on, take "Blur" and its free download into consideration.


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