Adele Dazzles At The Academy Awards With ‘Skyfall’

I'm doing life all wrong. In just two months, Adele has won a GRAMMY, a Golden Globe and now has an Academy Award to put atop her now-crowded mantel of achievements, as she took home the gilded statue for Best Original Song at last night's ceremony. Yeah, marinate on that. In ties with the Academy paying tribute to 50 years of the James Bond franchise, Adele, decked out in a bedazzling black gown, took to the stage with a backing orchestra and performed her award-winning theme "Skyfall," and well, she totally screwed up. C'mon. I'm kidding. This is Adele we're talking about, she's a machine of song, just bulldozing away as her controlled and pretty spot-on vocal performance was nothing short of classy and one of the highlights of the night. I know some criticisms will rest in that she didn't go for the brassy prima donna vocal theatrics, but I actually thank her for not "over-souling" and sticking to just pure and effective subtly. Sadly, my wish of Dame Shirley Bassey, whom also was present to dust off her classic Bond theme "Goldfinger" joining Adele for a trading of the diva minds wasn't granted, but it was all well and good just the same. Peep after the bounce for the full performance.

After the bounce

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