Bruno Mars Wishes He Was Still ‘Your Man’

The 55th Annual GRAMMYs goes down this Sunday night, and of the many performances scheduled to happen on music's biggest night, one that I'm most looking forward to seeing is Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Sting. Minus Rihanna, of course, I'm uber-excited about the prospect of Bruno and Sting sharing the stage after the former's nod to the latter's old group The Police on his jam "Locked Out Of Heaven." It's anybody's guess what the trio will pull out of their musical hats, but I'll be there to soak it all in. In the meantime and between time, I'm satisfying my Bruno Mars jones with the music video for his song "When I Was Your Man." Once again digging in the retro crates, Mars steps onto what appears to be the set of a '70's style television special. I was expecting Sonny and Cher or The Osmonds to make holographic cameos, but this video is all about Bruno and his raw emotion. He swaggers onto the soundstage with drink in hand and sits at a grand piano. With the light hitting his perfectly coiffed 'fro just right, he belts out the lovelorn track as he reminisces about the one that got away in front of rolling cameras. Once he finishes singing, he exits stage right -- but not without his drink. It's apparently all he's got left.

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